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Play the immensly popular Japanse number placing game Sudoku online. In this game you have to fill a board of 9x9 with numbers, where the same number can only appear once on each row, column, or subsection of the board. Sudoku became an instant hit around the world in 2005, although it has been popular in Japan much longer. The Sudoku games on this page are automatically generated, so you can play an infinite amount of game... good luck!

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Word Mastermind

Play letter version of the tradition MasterMind game. In this game, you have to guess a word that the computer has picked from the dictionary. You get 9 turns to guess which word it is, and for each of your guesses, the computer shows which letters are correct. You can even chose to play with more letters if you want...

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Japanese Puzzle

In this game, you have to reveal a picture by carefully determining which squares on the game board should be white, and which should be black. The puzzles in this game or not created automatically, since it is not possible to create an image automatically. Rather, the puzzles in this game are created and submitted by users of JanssenWeb puzzles.

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In this originally dice-based game, you have to find as many words in a 4x4 grid as possible within the time limit of 3 minutes. The letters of the words should be adjecent in the grid, and have at least three letters each. You get more points fot longer words.

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Number Placer

In this game, you have to place all the number on the right-hand side of the board onto the board, like the words in a crossword puzzle: each digit has to be placed in a square, and each number has to be placed horizontally or vertically between the grey squares, which have to stay empty. You have to deduce which number should be place where by using the intersecting digits..

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